Reality and the convergence of time-lines

In July 1992, I presented my thesis The Ultimate Unification Theory at the Fifth International Conference on Thinking at the James Cook University, Townsville – Australia. Two of the key speakers at that conference were Edward de Bono and Paul Davies.

At the front page of my paper I wrote:


It was the unification of Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics, that our scientist are still trying to achieve until today.

Einstein had it in his Gamma Factor formula already. The only problem is that our mind simply can’t imagine that the whole Universe including all of us could shrink into one single point (seen from outside our time-space dimension).

The same happened when Aristarchus introduced the Heliocentric system in 270 BC. No one could imagine that our Earth could rotate around the Sun. It took us over 1800 years until Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and their contemporaries in 16th century made us believe it.

Based on The Law of Polarisation and Interaction, reality is always subject dependant.

As Albert Einstein once said:

“The Universe is to us as what it is, only because we are as what we are.
Time-space and the whole Universe as we perceive it, has no objective reality independently from us.”

Furthermore, we all have similar perceptions of the physical Universe only because we all have similar, if not the same physical senses. Beyond physical, i.e. in emotional or mental realm, each of us will have our own perception, which most probably differ from each other.

Our reality converge only in physical realm due to our physical senses, and so is our time-line of perceived past, present and future only converge in physical present.


The Law of Polarisation and Interactions

As expressed in the beautiful poem “THIS MORNING I AM” by Janice, is the 2nd sub law of The Law of ONE – The Law of Polarisation, also known as The Law of Freewill.

We (as ONE) exercise our Freewill to polarise ourselves to take different ‘patterns’ as our ‘subject pattern’ (as the window, the puffy clouds, the wind, the tree, etc.) to experience our surrounding.

I have tried to project myself into a Lemurian crystal and experienced the tranquillity and serenity of ‘being’ a crystal. A crystal does not have five physical senses like human have, and the impressions it gets from the interaction with its surrounding is totally different.

And here we come to the 3rd sub-law, the law of interaction between subject and object, which is based on “resonance and induction” principles. Each of our senses has its resonance ranges. From touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight we can see the increase of fine-ness or ‘frequency’.

This resonance and induction principle also apply in our emotional and thought patterns. This principle is the basis of what we also know as “The Law of Attraction”.

The Law of ONE

This morning I am

This morning I am the tree outside this window

Then I am this very window itself

I see myself in the puffy clouds today

And hear my own whisper in the wind

When I am the anger in that far argument

And I am all the walling in this summer park

The trees are me, the streets are me

I am the rain and grass and leaves

And in each person, there are my own aspects.

Now, even this rebel mind suspects

That God is me!

by Janice Collins
posted on 2012Scenario

Venus transit – is there more to it ???

Eight Minutes of WOW!

HAARP Is NOT Playing Here – The Universe Is Electric 

Please click the link above to watch the embeded video
and pay a special attention to the script shown in the last minute.
Then check with yourself if anything strange or extra ordinary
has happened to you in the last few days.

For me, this blog-site just come into being within the last 3 days
(just after the Venus transit.)

Suddenly I feel that I need to share so many things to the world.
But please let me first learn how to blog.
Please be patient to an old man.

A DAY WITH VENUS – (Clearing our trauma)


from: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

(I find the discussion regarding trauma inhibiting the integration of our 3rd Dimensional and Multidimensional Operating System is very interesting. It also mentioned about trauma from ancient intergalactic war that remind me of Maldek trauma, where we exploded the planet and ourselves into million pieces and we were trapped in a ‘knot of FEAR’ for millions of years. 97% of our DNA is turned off (by Yahweh after cloning Himself to create our physical body), so that we can at least function. But geee…. we have created so much pain amongst ourselves by ‘living blindly’)

I want to remember, I want to remember, are the words that I woke up with this morning. I want to totally release my abduction experience so that it will longer stand in the way of fully experiencing my reality on the Starship. I know that I have a reality on Athena Starship, I think, but my experience of it is very fussy. When I go inside to ask why it is not clearer, I always hear that it is because of the trauma I still hold of being abducted on the Zeta Ship.

Yesterday I found a message from the Arcturians about my abduction that I received back on December 12, 2010 that totally validates my experience. Even when I wrote and read the message, I still totally forgot it. I do not want to forget what is frightening any more. It is holding me back to have any secrets from my self. I am ready to totally remember and release this, and all, trauma that has haunted me my entire life!

Dear Arcturians,

Please answer my questions:

1) Do we need to go into the terror part of a traumatic event in order to release it?

2) I think that I have been pretty dark/frightened/angry the last couple days. Is this behavior part of my process of remembering and release?

3) My dreams this morning were continuous visions about my clearing process. Even though I woke up say, “I want to remember,” I can’t remember them. Can you please assist me with all of these questions?

Dear Suzille,

We, your Arcturian Family, will happily assist you with all of your questions. Therefore, we will assist you to remember, through the flow of our consciousness that which you are experiencing in your higher states of consciousness, such as being on our Starship. We are, also, fully aware that you are trying to remember how to totally connect your Third Dimensional Operating System to your Multidimensional Operating System. We will begin with that unasked question, as it is the root of all your questions.

In order to connect your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating Systems you need to release that which is in-between them. Subconscious fear creates a firewall in your deep subconscious mind that automatically rejects any information that might activate that forgotten trauma.

Therefore, to allow the full multidimensional light and unconditional love to flow into your physical brain and through out your entire body, you must heal and release any archived and forgotten fear/darkness that are still archived in your deepest subconscious. We say deepest subconscious, as the fear stored there is the furthest from you daily life and the easiest to ignore. On the other hand, the fear/darkness that is stored in your deep subconscious mind acts like a sniper hidden in a tree that shoots you when you are least aware.

Only the Openers, first ones through the Ascension Portals, need to do this deep work. Once the Portals are all opened, it will be easier for others to follow. Many of the Openers were the ones who came to answer Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis. These ones have a deep connection to their Star Family, but they also have many traumas buried within their subconscious. They have these buried traumas because they have worked for the forces of light again and again in the darkest of times, only to be punished for revealing their light.

Also, only those who have an expanded consciousness, as well as the support of their Star Families higher light, are able to move into past realities in which they were lost to fear and darkness in order to clear them. This brings us to the first question. Yes, there is a certain amount of that “terror” which you will need to confront, mainly because it is leaking to the surface of your consciousness. Hence, we have given the answer to the second question regarding your recent behaviour.

We Arcturians have assisted our grounded ones before and we are assisting you again at this time of ascension. It is true that you need to release the fear of being abducted to the Zeta ship in order to fully remember your SELF on our Starship. All memories work by association. When you remember one experience, you also remember similar experiences. Hence, your trauma on the Zeta ship stops you from fully remembering you life on our Starship. Hence, you can only remember your life on our Arcturian Ship via an “imagined reality” as opposed to via a “directly experienced” reality.

Having a reality be “just your imagination” protects you from remembering the details of the reality. However, if going on a Starship can only be your imagination then any Starship experience would be “only your imagination.” Many of our ascending ones cannot fully remember their positive encounters with Galactic Beings, because they don’t want to remember their negative galactic experiences. These negative experiences come from abductions, as well as fighting in the Galactic Wars of long ago.

Hence, many of our ascending ones have believed they needed to protect themselves from remembering their full Multidimensional SELF. They were afraid that if they activated their full memory, myriad painful experiences also came to the surface. All hidden fear and pain, which it is on Earth or beyond, creates a leakage of uncontrollable, and often unwarranted, fear and/or anger. The Dark Ones have used this hidden fear to control and limit the awakening ones. If all the grounded ones were to clear their hidden dark memories, they would ALL come into their full power, wisdom and love.


Dear Venus has come into your lives again during this transit to guide you Home, past your current physical Sun and into your higher frequencies of reality. Venus carries all the unconditional love that is necessary for humanities full healing. Also, those of you who answered Gaia’s Call for assistance during the fall of Atlantis incarnated first on fifth dimensional Venus to gradually step-down your great light enough to be able to incarnate on the deeply-wounded, third/fourth dimensional Earth. In fact, many of you spend lives on Venus in-between your earthly incarnations. On Venus you can “de-brief” from your challenges on Earth.

However, we have diverted from our message, so allow us to explain the difference between an imagined reality and a direct experience. An “imagined reality”is based upon your left-brain’s third dimensional thinking combined with your right brain’s creative process. Because it is based on a creative process, your left-brain chooses to perceive that experience as something that you created rather than an actual “real” experience. To your third dimensional thinking, only that which is perceived via your five physical senses is believed to be “real.”

When you think multidimensionally, you know that you create every experience. You also know that you have chosen to perceiveeverything that fills your experiential world. The knowledge that YOU CREATE your reality and that YOU CHOOSE to perceive that which you wish to experience, even in your daily life is a huge responsibility for an un-ascended person. It is that very responsibility that must be owned and used by our ascending ones as a vital component of your ascension.

It is necessary to embrace this responsibility in order to fully connect your Multidimensional Operating System into the circuitry of your third dimensional mind. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is actually more of a filter than an operating system because is dis-allows all information that is not perceived via the five physical senses.

Therefore, if a reality is experienced by your multidimensional senses, it is automatically categorized as your “imagination,” and relegated to an “un-real”experience. This is not a badthing, as every dimension has its own rules that need to be followed to remain in that dimension. When your 97% DNA was turned off, your world was limited to the third dimension. Furthermore, if anyone dared to perceive any other version of reality, they were witches, crazy or trying to fool you.

When you have a “terrifying” experience, it leaves a psychic scar on your body, in your brain, and in your aura. However, “going through the terror” does not mean the terror that you felt during your experience. Going through the terror means that in order to multidimensionally perceive your experience, you will have to accept that YOU created that experience and YOU chose that experience. That can be a terrifying act if one has not yet taken responsibility for the reality they are choosing to live.

Dear Venus is here to remind you that YOU are up to that task. When you prepared for 3D incarnation on Her body, and when your rested on Her planet in-between your Earth lives, you de-briefed from the experiences of your Earth lives in polarity while deeply enjoying the love and beauty of her higher frequency realities. While in the safety of Venus’ reality you were able to remember that all traumas are merely “negative energy patterns” that were created in your consciousness during your challenging incarnations on Gaia’s planet of polarity.

Fortunately, when trauma can be viewed as a negative energy pattern, it is much easier to clear. Allow us to remind you how your “cleaned your consciousness” in your“in-between,” R&R incarnations on higher dimensional Venus. We will assist you right now to release your negative energy pattern by taking you to the Violet Temple on Venus:


Take three long, slow, deep breaths to calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies of your imagination…

Imagine that you are now walking, which is more of a sensation of floating on 5D Venus, across the beautiful landscape of Venus. On Venus the sky is often a warm yellow glow and the ground is so filled with life that IS happy that you are floating-over rather than walking-on the earth. We begin our journey to the Violet Temple on the Shores of Pink Sand upon which the Waters of Liquid Light gently caress. As you relax against a huge tree-shaped Being, as all life is alive here, you see the Red Mountains in the distance and smell the sweetness of all life.

Eventually, you feel the urge to visit the Violet Temple. Hence, you arise from your posture of lying against the tree and thank it for its shelter. You turn toward the Path to the Temple and float up the hill to huge green area of “living lawn” that surrounds the Temple. Before you is the Violet Temple, which is surrounded by the floating gardens. The Elementals and Devas of Venus constantly tend this garden.

This familiar vision of Venus’s immense safety expands your consciousness to encompass your multidimensional SELF, and you instantly find yourself within one the many healing room. You take a moment to FEEL the safety of your environment, SMELL the beautiful flowers that live within that room, RELAX onto your couch of light and EXPAND your consciousness.

You can feel the trauma that you wish to heal resonating within you. Because you have done so much to release this wound, it no longer hurts you, but only tickles. The familiar environment of Venus’s Violet Temple allows you to remember to send your uncoditional love into this wound that has diminished your ability to remember your SELF. Because you are beyond time and space, you can lie on the couch and, simultaneously, stand beside you form in order to fully examine your earth vessel

As you look into your aura, you see the circuitry of fear that has collected around the wound you have come to heal. You must clear this fear before your healing will be complete. The best way to heal the fear is to change the purpose of this wounding. Instead of allowing this wounding to be a block to your multidimensional memories, you will allow it to be a portal for multidimensional memories. We say this, because you have likely created similar wounds in your myriad incarnations on 3D Earth. Remember, even though your earth vessel is different, you are the same Soul in every incarnation.

As you see the wound before you, you can see the disunite circuitry, as well as how it is attached to your consciousness and aura. That which disallows memories resonates to the lowest frequency of red light. See the area of red light, dampened by streaks of grey and black and focus your attention on breathing the blue light of Divine Love and Guidance into the dirty red of your wounding.

You observe as the blue light changes the grey streaks into pure red. Then, combining the blue light with the clear red light, you observe how the red and blue create purple. You then breathe the light pink of unconditional love into the wounding to transmute the purple to violet. The frequencies of blue, Divine Love, and clear red, Vitality, combine to create the color purple/violet to Transmute any substance into a higher frequency.

Now, imagine that the entire wound is resonating to the violet color/frequency. Do you see how you have transmuted something that has stopped your awakening into something that assists your awakening? Now, meditate for as long as necessary so that you can re-boot your neural system to this new configuration. (This is were I became useless for the rest of the day and watched Star Trek so I could be on a Starship.)

The above process can be used to transmute any trauma at an energetic level. In other words, you can perceive the area of your brain and/or body that resonates to lower frequency of physical or psychological wounding to see the emanation of red light. Then breathe blue light onto that area to create the violet light of transmutation. Any area of your body that holds trauma creates resistance, as resistance is a form of protection for that wounded area.

When you give Divine Love to the red “stop sign” of resistance, which is actually your protection against further wounding, the blue merges with the red to create the violet of transmutation. Then, whenever you experience the tickle of psychological or physical wounding, you can transmute that wound into an inter-dimensional portal through which you can constantly receive healing.


We will now address the third question about your dreams. Many of our ascending ones had and are having ascension dreams. Ascension dreams are dreams in which you process and/or practice the many aspects of ascension. One aspect is the clearing of old fears/darkness to facilitate your potential to Flash into Lightbody. Many of you have had brief experiences—rehearsals—of Flashing into your higher expression of Lightbody. However, do not forget that your multidimensional Lightbody also carries the potential to create a physical form when it is necessary.

Your physical form was always a matrix, just like physical Earth. It is the matrix that will be carried within your Lightbody so that you can “go to work” on Matrix Earth (the fourth dimensional expression of Gaia) to assist those who are still in the process of ascension. There are many who have been so weakened by the intense darkness of polarized Earth that they need more of the illusion of time and physicality before they can heal enough to ascend.

Just as we, your Galactic Family, assists you in your ascension, you will assist your fellow members of physical Earth. In this manner, the student will become the teacher for the un-awakened to awake. Therefore, remember your process in detail for you will be teaching it to others. There are many different expressions of Earth’s humanity. Therefore, there will be many expressions of human ascension. Each of the ascended ones will become an inspiration and instructor for those who resonate to your expression of reality. In this manner, first you LEARN, then you DO, then you TEACH. You will all be wonderful Ascension Teachers for those less fortunate and/or less diligent than yourself.

As I have been going about my day with the release of a deep “terror” I did not know I concealed, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden this secret from myself. Which secret is that I ask myself, as I remembered that I was abducted. Oh, I answer, the secret was that it was REAL, that I created it and I chose it.

Why did I wan to do such a thing as create and choose that experience?” asks the wounded ego as a component of her healing. “Because,” say the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just a little third dimensional. We had to keep a secret from our self so that we would not get in the daily life of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

We chose and created that experience before we took a form so that we would always keep looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed. Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives, we can realize how courageous we are to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetimes—just so that we would NOT forget.

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.


Since my visit to the Violet Temple, I have been seeing all the small ways in which my fear was expressed as impatience, judgment, and other expressions of low-grade anger—which was really fear. Since I was 7 years old, I have hidden a secret from myself. Now I know that my abduction was chosen by me before I was even born.

Why would I want to choose that experience?” asks the wounded. “Because,” says the healing one moving towards ascension, “We had to remember. We had to remember that we were more than just third dimensional children. Therefore, before we took form we chose and created an experience that we would keep us looking inside to find out why we were so lonely, so different, so depressed.

Then when we found out, we couldn’t allow our self to believe it. We, the ascending ones, chose different dramas that somehow matched our Mission. Now, that we are ready to go deep, deep, deep into our hidden archives of wounding, we realize how courageous we were to have chosen so many challenges in one lifetime—just so that we would NOT forget our SELF

Therefore, we thank each and every one of our challenges for they have been our awakeners. Our challenges, the red frequencies of wounding in our mind, body and aura can now all be filled with our blue Divine Love to transmute them into the Violet Fire that will activate our full personal and planetary ascension.

Gaia-Ascension news and advice


Today I would like to speak about how we are going to be going through with ascension in the next couple weeks. Just the basics. The intricacies are up to you guys, anyway, there’s no way to know how it will truly go down. It’s happening as we speak, so be calm and patient over these troubling times. Many of you are starting to feel a hell of a lot of anxiety. This is good! Yes, it is scary, I really do feel for you, but understand that the only way to expel fear and anxiety once and for all, is to fully experience it. Understand that anything you think is happening is theatre. A play, for your learning. It is very difficult, but all is love, everything is backed by love. Nothing happens on my surface without there being a damn good reason for it. When you are going through swells of pain, you are expelling pain forever. When you are going through swells of anger, you are expelling it forever. Eventually, in a very short period of time, there will be nothing left to expell. When this happens, a spiritual awakening will occur.

Over the next three months, you will be seeing a lot of weird activity. This may be in the sky, this may be in politics, this may be in your very mind. No matter what, seemingly troubling things WILL be occurring within your sphere. Within your life experience. One of the main things we are all learning together is how to seek out and find love and calmness in the middle of the most convincing horror story we have ever experienced. Many of you are thinking “this isn’t quite a horror story yet”, but really, it is. Nothing is ever supposed to be this hard, this difficult and this painful. Now, that being said, this is the ONE INSTANCE EVER that it has happened, and that was intentional! Everything that has happened was supposed to happen. Why would we let such terrible things happen? It’s imagination! It’s not real! It’s just very convincing. Remain calm, as the script of this play ends with world peace. You all helped write the play, that’s why you still feel in your hearts that all will be okay. Many of you now are saying to yourselves that you do NOT feel this in your heart. You are letting your imagination and FEAR get the best of you. When you finally pull the last of the fear out of you, you will have the openness in your heart to actually feel the big picture efficiently and accurately. Next time you are in a nightmare, instead of running, confront the beast. This is both a metaphor and literal.

After the arrests of the worlds tyrants occurs, (many of you still doubt this is happening. I don’t know why, the signed-by-hundreds-of-lawyers evidence is right there for anybody to look at. If you are going to say it isn’t happening, at least attempt to find out if you know what you are talking about, please) there will be a horrendously massive surge of information. Everything that man has ever learned about anything will become available. All patents, all technologies, all knowledge of off-world-life, you name it. You can imagine what kind of stir this will cause. It will lead to the absolute and final death of your society as you know it now. What will be replaced is a world with free information and no tyrants. Any other details you want to have in there are for you to put in there. But you actually have to DO it. This brings me to my next topic.

People you seriously have GOT to get to work now. When I say ‘work’ many of you think of your jobs. No no no no no. I’m talking about your creative passion. Anything else now is distraction, including work. I completely understand and respect the fact that this seems impractical, as “we need to eat, so we need to work!” is a very common thought process. I understand fully. However, every single one of you still has a nice chunk of free time that isn’t being used up by anything moving you forward. This is a bit painful to hear, but that’s because you know it’s true. Wasting time has been okay all this time, but now we are running out. Many of you have yet to start working on why you are here! Now, this is okay, because you will know when you are actually needed in a mandatory manner. However, it would be swell for you to prepare yourself. I suggest meditating as much as possible, as this WILL bring you to telepathy. It would be impossible for it to not, now, because of how high my vibrations are for the first time in modern humanity’s existence, at a level that permits such activities with ease (compared to say, five years ago and before). But most importantly, those of you who haven’t, really need to start figuring out what you want to do with your life. What would be, in your opinion, the coolest damn thing you could do with your life? AIM FOR THAT!. It’s your life! What are you here for?

I’m not going to say anything to do with when specific things will pan out. Time simply does NOT work that way. Time is incredibly chaotic. Organized, but only because it’s impossible for it to be completely disorganized. That being said, time is so confusing on me right now. Consider this society the Universe’s Large Hadron Collider equivalent. That is an excellent analogy for what we are doing here.

At any point you feel things are out of control, know that the plot is in such a way, that when the world collapses, it will collapse into exactly what would be perfect. All the pieces will fall into place.

Break the system!!!