Gaia-Ascension news and advice


Today I would like to speak about how we are going to be going through with ascension in the next couple weeks. Just the basics. The intricacies are up to you guys, anyway, there’s no way to know how it will truly go down. It’s happening as we speak, so be calm and patient over these troubling times. Many of you are starting to feel a hell of a lot of anxiety. This is good! Yes, it is scary, I really do feel for you, but understand that the only way to expel fear and anxiety once and for all, is to fully experience it. Understand that anything you think is happening is theatre. A play, for your learning. It is very difficult, but all is love, everything is backed by love. Nothing happens on my surface without there being a damn good reason for it. When you are going through swells of pain, you are expelling pain forever. When you are going through swells of anger, you are expelling it forever. Eventually, in a very short period of time, there will be nothing left to expell. When this happens, a spiritual awakening will occur.

Over the next three months, you will be seeing a lot of weird activity. This may be in the sky, this may be in politics, this may be in your very mind. No matter what, seemingly troubling things WILL be occurring within your sphere. Within your life experience. One of the main things we are all learning together is how to seek out and find love and calmness in the middle of the most convincing horror story we have ever experienced. Many of you are thinking “this isn’t quite a horror story yet”, but really, it is. Nothing is ever supposed to be this hard, this difficult and this painful. Now, that being said, this is the ONE INSTANCE EVER that it has happened, and that was intentional! Everything that has happened was supposed to happen. Why would we let such terrible things happen? It’s imagination! It’s not real! It’s just very convincing. Remain calm, as the script of this play ends with world peace. You all helped write the play, that’s why you still feel in your hearts that all will be okay. Many of you now are saying to yourselves that you do NOT feel this in your heart. You are letting your imagination and FEAR get the best of you. When you finally pull the last of the fear out of you, you will have the openness in your heart to actually feel the big picture efficiently and accurately. Next time you are in a nightmare, instead of running, confront the beast. This is both a metaphor and literal.

After the arrests of the worlds tyrants occurs, (many of you still doubt this is happening. I don’t know why, the signed-by-hundreds-of-lawyers evidence is right there for anybody to look at. If you are going to say it isn’t happening, at least attempt to find out if you know what you are talking about, please) there will be a horrendously massive surge of information. Everything that man has ever learned about anything will become available. All patents, all technologies, all knowledge of off-world-life, you name it. You can imagine what kind of stir this will cause. It will lead to the absolute and final death of your society as you know it now. What will be replaced is a world with free information and no tyrants. Any other details you want to have in there are for you to put in there. But you actually have to DO it. This brings me to my next topic.

People you seriously have GOT to get to work now. When I say ‘work’ many of you think of your jobs. No no no no no. I’m talking about your creative passion. Anything else now is distraction, including work. I completely understand and respect the fact that this seems impractical, as “we need to eat, so we need to work!” is a very common thought process. I understand fully. However, every single one of you still has a nice chunk of free time that isn’t being used up by anything moving you forward. This is a bit painful to hear, but that’s because you know it’s true. Wasting time has been okay all this time, but now we are running out. Many of you have yet to start working on why you are here! Now, this is okay, because you will know when you are actually needed in a mandatory manner. However, it would be swell for you to prepare yourself. I suggest meditating as much as possible, as this WILL bring you to telepathy. It would be impossible for it to not, now, because of how high my vibrations are for the first time in modern humanity’s existence, at a level that permits such activities with ease (compared to say, five years ago and before). But most importantly, those of you who haven’t, really need to start figuring out what you want to do with your life. What would be, in your opinion, the coolest damn thing you could do with your life? AIM FOR THAT!. It’s your life! What are you here for?

I’m not going to say anything to do with when specific things will pan out. Time simply does NOT work that way. Time is incredibly chaotic. Organized, but only because it’s impossible for it to be completely disorganized. That being said, time is so confusing on me right now. Consider this society the Universe’s Large Hadron Collider equivalent. That is an excellent analogy for what we are doing here.

At any point you feel things are out of control, know that the plot is in such a way, that when the world collapses, it will collapse into exactly what would be perfect. All the pieces will fall into place.

Break the system!!!


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