Reality and the convergence of time-lines

In July 1992, I presented my thesis The Ultimate Unification Theory at the Fifth International Conference on Thinking at the James Cook University, Townsville – Australia. Two of the key speakers at that conference were Edward de Bono and Paul Davies.

At the front page of my paper I wrote:


It was the unification of Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics, that our scientist are still trying to achieve until today.

Einstein had it in his Gamma Factor formula already. The only problem is that our mind simply can’t imagine that the whole Universe including all of us could shrink into one single point (seen from outside our time-space dimension).

The same happened when Aristarchus introduced the Heliocentric system in 270 BC. No one could imagine that our Earth could rotate around the Sun. It took us over 1800 years until Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and their contemporaries in 16th century made us believe it.

Based on The Law of Polarisation and Interaction, reality is always subject dependant.

As Albert Einstein once said:

“The Universe is to us as what it is, only because we are as what we are.
Time-space and the whole Universe as we perceive it, has no objective reality independently from us.”

Furthermore, we all have similar perceptions of the physical Universe only because we all have similar, if not the same physical senses. Beyond physical, i.e. in emotional or mental realm, each of us will have our own perception, which most probably differ from each other.

Our reality converge only in physical realm due to our physical senses, and so is our time-line of perceived past, present and future only converge in physical present.


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