The Law of Polarisation and Interactions

As expressed in the beautiful poem “THIS MORNING I AM” by Janice, is the 2nd sub law of The Law of ONE – The Law of Polarisation, also known as The Law of Freewill.

We (as ONE) exercise our Freewill to polarise ourselves to take different ‘patterns’ as our ‘subject pattern’ (as the window, the puffy clouds, the wind, the tree, etc.) to experience our surrounding.

I have tried to project myself into a Lemurian crystal and experienced the tranquillity and serenity of ‘being’ a crystal. A crystal does not have five physical senses like human have, and the impressions it gets from the interaction with its surrounding is totally different.

And here we come to the 3rd sub-law, the law of interaction between subject and object, which is based on “resonance and induction” principles. Each of our senses has its resonance ranges. From touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight we can see the increase of fine-ness or ‘frequency’.

This resonance and induction principle also apply in our emotional and thought patterns. This principle is the basis of what we also know as “The Law of Attraction”.


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