Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon

I had my life between lives regression hypnosis by Peter Smith, one of Michael Newton‘s prodigy in 2007. When he regressed me to one of my past life, I found myself as an old farmer, wearing a straw hat, barefoot in the mud in the middle of a rice paddy. It was 1939 somewhere in South East Asia.

Then he ‘progressed’ me to the day I died in that life. When I left my body, I was engulfed by blissful feeling, which then turned into a very deep sadness that made me cry and jolting in the chair. I had a very happy life as a modest rice farmer, but all around the world, people are suffering. That feeling of sadness and compassion was so overwhelming and I know that it is the energy that pulled me to come back to this life.

Borobudur 4
Borobudur 4 (Photo credit: Praziquantel)

I had the same feeling in 1998 and cried unstoppable all the way from the time I left the hotel in Yogya to the airport, at the airport’s waiting room and on the plane until we landed in Jakarta an hour later. The day before, I did a pilgrimage to Mendut, Pawon and Borobudur temples and when I meditated at the top stupa at Borobudur I saw & felt two beams of light, one from the centre of the Earth and the other from far above, meeting at my heart chakra like welding electrodes creating huge sparks covering all the temple complex. It was such a beautiful and blissful energy blessing every tourist and souvenir sellers in and around the temple.

English: Location map of Borobudur, Pawon and ...
English: Location map of Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut temples in Central Java, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the life between lives session in 2007, I took a hypnotherapy course, since I know this is a kind of ‘short-cut’ method of healing. However, I do not practice hypnotherapy but applied it to myself (self-hypnosis) whenever I need to get more information from my own past or the cosmos.

Life guided me to find Dolores Cannon books and I’ve read The Custodian, The Convoluted Universe (all 4) and The Three Waves of Volunteer. And I was right. Dolores is able to get to her subject’s subconscious and did instant healing.

However, physical healing is not what I am here for.  I was also guided to find other books and articles like The Sirian Revelation trilogy from Patricia Cori, Atlantis, Alien visitation and Genetic Manipulation by Michael Tsarion and many others, including from the Arcturians as channelled by Dr. Suzanne Lie – “A Day with Venus”  that give me confirmations of thoughts, ideas and inspirations I received by self-hypnosis.

The other day I posted “The unauthorized history of mankind“, the synopsis of my research so far to find ways to relief human suffering, which is nothing else than to remember who we really are. The method is a grander scale of hypnotherapy to heal our selves from our worst trauma, the Tiamat/Maldek experience (the origin of our FEAR).


3 thoughts on “Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon

  1. Hello, and thank you for your article. I’ve read a few of Dr. newton’s books and am now reading ‘Between Death and Life’ by Dolores Cannon. I am seeing pretty significant inconsistent and worrying disparities in the responses they get from their patients. Whereas Dr. Newton’s patients report there is no such thing as punishment, in any way, Dolores’ is the opposite. Another one is in the way they describe Karma. Whereas one seems to be simply an internal wanting to grow and balance oneself with experiences, the other presents it as a tangible concept of “do and it shall be done unto you”. Also, the concept of soul groups and mates seems quite different. It seems to me some of these are incompatible, and so there are intentional or accidental mistakes somewhere. How can these anomalies be accounted for?

  2. Dear LM,
    Thank you for your response and question.
    Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon are two hypnotherapist with a totally different circle or type of clients and therefore they may come to a different experience, but on top of that, any report on observation is never free from the reporter’s beliefs / conviction.
    My apology that I have not read “Between Death and Life” by Dolores Cannon, so I can’t comment on what she wrote in it. But from reading many other books of her, I can read that she is very convinced of Karma in her own interpretation, which influenced/biased her understanding of what her clients told her.
    On the other side, my own experience of past life regression with Peter Smith was totally different and did not fit to any of ‘typical’ experience of Michael Newton’s clients. It is unique to everyone.
    I don’t think we need to reconcile the incompatibility between their reports but to check internally within our own being. Everyone will understand it differently depends on one’s own collection of experiences along one’s own journey.

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