Re-designing the Global Economy

I finally managed to convert my Powerpoint presentation slides into video and put it on Youtube. It is my first video for Youtube.

Towards a humanistic world economy in the post capitalism era based on ‘surplus sharing’.
(please click to watch)

I created the above Powerpoint presentation slides in April 2000 while participating in a World Bank sponsored on-line discussion on “Globalisation, Development and Poverty”.

Of course, it was ‘far ahead of its time’ so to speak. And now, 12 years down the track, I think it is still ‘ahead of its time’, but not so far.

Our current economic philosophy is ‘to take, take, take and take’, while the system I proposed in the presentation is ‘to share and to give’. The existence of any corporation should be justified by its benefit to the community. Every corporation or even the whole economic system suppose to serve us – people, and not the other way around.

In real life, I have seen some changes in our area. Some supermarket start ‘giving back’ a certain percentage of their profit to the community by donating to school to buy sporting equipment or to any charity organisation we (as customer) can pick. At present it is their selling point or marketing gimmick, but the basic idea is that they are trying to show their benefit to the community.

Our problem is that there is not enough money or buying power amongst most of the consumers. Most of us are working hard just to pay the bank. That was in year 2000. Now in 2012, even Governments don’t have enough money to spend i.e. Greece, Spain, Italy and many others. Producers can produce, produce and produce, but not many  can afford to buy. Manufacturing will slow down and will stop. Resources / mining will also slow down and stop if manufacturing stop.

On the other side, a few multi billionaires have too much money, ‘parked’ some where trying to make more money and not circulated therefore the economic wheel got ‘stuck’.

Like here in Australia, especially in Queensland, the government is trying to tighten the belt by sacking around 20,000 public servants. Quite a number of them would be from Health Services. Meanwhile, a couple of multi billionaires from mining companies are sitting on their money trying to buy media corporation even at lost.

Why don’t they use their money to build and run ‘nursing homes’ for example? They easily can afford it. Only the system is not geared to encourage people to do so. The ‘score board’ isn’t there and not created yet.

I hope the time will be come (probably post 2012) when we start thinking “what is my contribution to the world” instead of “what do I deserve to take”.


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