A piece of ‘hidden’ history.

Catatan Harta Amanah Soekarno

JFK-Sukarnodiagram GHMATidak ada kata-kata yang dapat ditulis lagi. Begitu penulis menemukan diagram ini, foto Bung Karno bersama John F Kennedy dan William Vouker, serta selembar bukti perjanjian itu, termenung sejenak, sangat luar biasa. Lengkaplah sudah cerita bahwa memang The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement itu ada. Dan masih berlaku hingga kini. Ini merupakan sebuah perjanjian dan karya besar bagi dua bangsa besar, Indonesia dan Amerika Serikat. Sebuah konspirasi besar manusia di planet bumi ini.

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UPDATED: The Crew From Planet Rizq….New Title: Adnan Sakli, Malik Hughes, Neil Keenan EXPOSED. GAME OVER.


2012 The Awakening

Note: IMO Keenan never passed the sniff test, and the same with Drake…they played the contrast and are now showing true colors. Here are some interesting exchanges that shed light on all the disinformation circulating about OPPT.

UPDATED: The Crew From Planet Rizq….New Title: Adnan Sakli, Malik Hughes, Neil Keenan EXPOSED. GAME OVER.

I’m sorry AK, but this title needed to be amended to show this info for what it is. We are officially in a space of Absolute Transparency. I’m so grateful that the above mentioned parties are finally showing their hand for what it is; greed, lies and manipulation.

The email from Michael Dunn on AK’s blog, combined with all of the below dialogue from Malik Hughes and previous discussions with Adnan, Dunn and Keenan are VERY telling. There is way too much BS flying around  for me not to call a spade a spade. People deserve to…

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Published on Apr 20, 2013

Yesterday I listened to a radio program from Tonawanda, New York called the Morning Brew with Host Gwen Caldwell that happened on Thursday, April 18, 2013 {… – scroll halfway down to the program shown on the right-hand-side}. She was having an OPPT roundtable with Brian Kelly, Bob Wright and Seraphim L. I don’t have the details they shared memorized, but it was really good news. They received word that the mechanisms for enforcement have been revealed through the office of international Provost Marshalls. Today I wanted to give you a brief heads up so that you can listen if you choose. I am sure there will be more on Freedom Reigns with Lisa Harrison and crew on Monday evening, 7-9pm New York time {…}.




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