Zeitgeist and their take on mythology

Cradle of Civilization

Zeitgeist did a lot of mistakes when it comes to this matter – dates and facts doesn’t fit. However, their main idea is totally correct.

When it comes our civilization it was created in the northern Mesopotamia (the Armenian Highland) by the Hurrians (the Aryans) for around 10.000 years ago.

Gobekli Tepe (in armenian: Portasar – which means the navel) is seen as the first place of organized religion. From their the civilization spread to all directions, with religion, mythology, philosophy and science. Armenia is a continuation of Urartu, or Ararat.

The different gods, which is different aspects of the nature, got spread, but because of distances they sometimes got different names and some changes when it comes to the different details.

For me this is not a way to show that Christianity, which perfectly fits with this line of thinking, is fake, but the opposite.

When it comes to…

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