3/11/2014: The Freeing Of Humanity

Published on Mar 13, 2014
by: LogicBeforeAuthority

OCM Comment:

 – The Green Hilton Agreement was signed on 14th November 1963. JFK was assassinated 8 days later on 22nd November 1963.

 6th August 1966 is the date when the Bank in Zurich has receipted the gold shipment and issued the owner certificate. The Coup D’etat to topple Soekarno happened on 30th September 1965, only after he had arranged the shipment of the gold to Switzerland. 

 – Mr. Sugi (pronounce ‘soogee’ – short of Sugiharto Notonegoro) is not known as Soekarno’s son, but allegedly he is the one given the mandate to withdraw from the account. He is more known as Mr. Sino AS (pronounce ‘seeno’)

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