~Sirian High Council – Awaken to who you are – Message to the Ground Crew~

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

sirianhighcouncilSome of you do not know that you are you do not consciously understand what significant roles you are playing in the ascension, in the changing of the world organizations for you are not to consciously to know who you are, you are not to reveal your identity and hence we do not wish to inform you in person that you are who you are, but those that are going to read this message and feel within their hearts that they are being spoken to directly, are the key persons that are indeed involved in the reorganization and change. You are who are reading this message, you are who are heeding the words of this message are the ones that are in control of the destiny of the humanity .

Know this that those who are in power are being brought into the chambers of light for healing and…

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Franz Hörmann and Michael Tellinger – The end of Money and Ubuntu


UBUNTU from South Africa (Michael Tellinger) + Cooperative Individualism from Austria (Franz Hormann) back to Gotong Royong & Bhinneka Tunggal Ika from Indonesia (Soekarno) as basic operational modality for our future society / humanity.

Expected further cooperation based on the same ideas with:

TOP (The One People) / Freedom Central and UN Swissindo


Published on Apr 23, 2014
Franz und Michael traffen sich beim Ereignishorizont am 12.04.2014 und sprachen ganz spontan über aktuelles, dass sehr viele Menschen bewegt.
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