Crossing the Wisdom Barrier

The Kryon channeling on June 29, 2014 above was about The Future of the Planet (Earth) and I personally attracted to what Kryon said starting at minute 14:35 about The Wisdom Barrier and The New Physics that includes The Physics of Consciousness.

Personally, this is the best synchronicity I experienced as I prepare myself to re-present The Ultimate Unification Theory, the scientific breakthrough that unites Science & Spirituality. The thesis was firstly published in 1992 as a conference paper at The Fifth International Conference on Thinking, but apparently not many were ready.

Now seems to be the right time, as so many synchronicity events happened one after the other. It is indeed a very interesting time.

Simply said, The Ultimate Unification Theory proposes to turn our system of reference around and use the ‘speed of light’ instead of any arbitrary point in space. It is as simple as turning the old Geocentric system into Heliocentric system, but it took us more than 1800 years to accept it.

By turning our system of reference, we then realized that the true reality is ‘the reality of light’ beyond time-space confinement (eternal). And instead of speed we are talking about degree of confinement or densities.

See my next post “Degree of Confinement / Densities”


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