Degree of Confinement / Densities

This post relates to my previous post “Crossing the Wisdom Barrier”

Densities(click to enlarge)

Picture says a thousand words.

But words (read: label) limits our understanding.

Please switch on your intuitive faculty in trying to understand the above picture.

Just as an example I would suggest to see the followings:

Human is actually a fifth density light beings (immortal / not time dependent), but we are operating on ‘survival mode’ as third density animals, even below Mammals in the fourth density where the motherly and selfless love is more dominant.

Unfortunately, our mental capacity as a fifth density being is applied in our survival mode and made us, human the most vicious animal on this planet.

Ascension is about inner awareness, to remember who we really are.

Expecting that our 3D physical body become immortal is still part of the ‘survival mode’ awareness.



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