The Democratic Experiment is Finished, by Julian Rose

This reminds me of my school years in the early 1960’s in Indonesia, where we learned about our parliamentary system called “Guided Democracy” (Democracy guided by Wise Elders), created by the first President of Indonesia – Soekarno. Recently Soekarno is also known as M1 in relation to the story of Global Collateral Account / Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed between Soekarno & JFK a few days before JFK was assassinated.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Changing Course for Life, In Defence of Life

Bring-on Community Self Empowerment, Councils of Wise Elders and Benign Leadership

Julian Rose
Thanks to Y.

We in the West have lived with this thing called ‘democracy’ for a good few centuries now. It has been an important experiment, but one which has, in the end, succeeded in swallowing its own tail rather than leading society to a better place. Now its time is up and we have the task of putting something genuinely better in its place.

The most well known definition of democracy – but by no means the first – is enshrined in the Gettysburg Address of November 1863. It proclaims democracy as ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ which – maybe for good reason – laid a strong emphasis on ‘people’.

But here also lay its weakness; people (it turned out) had…

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