The War and Collapse of the Astral Realms

Deus Nexus

Deus Nexus: As above so below. The clean up and dismantling of the astral planes, and the parasitic practises used against humanity, are reflected in our efforts to clean up our own consciousness and our world.

The War on the Astral Planes

From:Ordo ab Chao | by Ishtar | March 3, 2012

Astral_PlaneYesterday, I journeyed in the shamanic way up through the astral planes and into the higher dimensions. As I reached the lower, dark astral, they were waiting for me, as they often are these days, demanding my co-operation in a certain task. I just snorted a bit and told them to go forth and multiply, in so many words. But they continued, speaking of the great embarrassment that will be caused to a certain astrally-governed mafia group on Earth if I don’t comply. 

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