Indonesia, China, Gold and ISIS

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Source: Indonesia, China, Gold and ISIS


10 Steps The Awakened Can Take To Achieve Greater Unity

Another synchronicity. This idea of working on our inner being is currently ‘in the air’ as so many people synchronistically resonate to it.

Deus Nexus


By: David Nova | from: Deus Nexus

Do you want peace? Do you want real change? Do you want to help create a golden age for mankind? Are you tired of all the division and divisiveness? Are you tired of the darkness seemingly having all the power? Do you want to see the forces of light get their act together? Do you want to stop procrastinating? Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to change the world?

The price of real change is real work, and the awakened will never achieve greater unity or become a real community until we each do our inner work first, and in the process, create a real spiritual transformation on planet Earth.

External political and economic changes will simply create new control systems. Official disclosure will come with an institutionalized agenda. New technologies may help, but without the spiritual maturity to wield them correctly, they  could just…

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