“Planetary Shift IN, nwo OUT”, 1 of 2… Turkey: “Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting” (FT) and “Turkey considering military ties with Russia” (VT)

I think it’s a good development in Middle East

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turkey_flag_A_4Please note that “nwo” is not capitalized, as most articles do, since, in my view, they are “on the outs”, and do not rate any capitalizations.

One of these (the Lada Ray) was posted here yesterday. The other is from VT (posted 8-18-16). It basically shows Turkey as “giving the (possibly middle) finger” to NATO-USA CORP. So in my view, it’s a great sign of MAJOR planetary change.

I’m adding a few highlights from each along with the title and link.

Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting and Earth Shifting Changes it Foretells! (Futurist Trendcast, 8-15-16)

“Erdogan repeatedly called Putin ‘esteemed Vladimir’ or ‘esteemed Russian President Putin,’ which is a very Middle Eastern way of offering an olive branch and underscoring how important the counterpart is to you. Putin, as far as I could tell, echoed that just once with ‘esteemed President Erdogan.’ No first name basis here.

“Erdogan and…

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