The West is becoming irrelevant.

By Andre Vltchek Global Research, March 24, 2017 I was recently told by an Asian friend of mine who is working in Paris: “Lately I stopped following almost all that is happening politically in the United States, in the UK and even here in France. It all feels suddenly so irrelevant, a waste of time.” […]

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The silent war between Israel and China – Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,This report of advanced Russian build up in the Middle East is most likely true and done to reinforce an existential military threat against the nation of Israel… Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Iran have all joined forces and actively surround Israel’s small military now… Chinese Elders have quietly gained…

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The Democratic Experiment is Finished, by Julian Rose

This reminds me of my school years in the early 1960’s in Indonesia, where we learned about our parliamentary system called “Guided Democracy” (Democracy guided by Wise Elders), created by the first President of Indonesia – Soekarno. Recently Soekarno is also known as M1 in relation to the story of Global Collateral Account / Green Hilton Memorial Agreement signed between Soekarno & JFK a few days before JFK was assassinated.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Changing Course for Life, In Defence of Life

Bring-on Community Self Empowerment, Councils of Wise Elders and Benign Leadership

Julian Rose
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We in the West have lived with this thing called ‘democracy’ for a good few centuries now. It has been an important experiment, but one which has, in the end, succeeded in swallowing its own tail rather than leading society to a better place. Now its time is up and we have the task of putting something genuinely better in its place.

The most well known definition of democracy – but by no means the first – is enshrined in the Gettysburg Address of November 1863. It proclaims democracy as ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’ which – maybe for good reason – laid a strong emphasis on ‘people’.

But here also lay its weakness; people (it turned out) had…

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China in Africa: Agriculture Co-operation to Make Bread Basket Economy

While we are busy with the backstabbing of the Russians by NATO, this is a very refreshing news showing the better side of humanity.


CCTV Africa

Seventy percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa. And that land is seen as a possible solution to feed the globe’s growing population. But Africa’s agriculture has been declining steadily since the 70’s, and if this continent is to become the world’s bread basket, it will need some help.

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Degree of Confinement / Densities

This post relates to my previous post “Crossing the Wisdom Barrier”

Densities(click to enlarge)

Picture says a thousand words.

But words (read: label) limits our understanding.

Please switch on your intuitive faculty in trying to understand the above picture.

Just as an example I would suggest to see the followings:

Human is actually a fifth density light beings (immortal / not time dependent), but we are operating on ‘survival mode’ as third density animals, even below Mammals in the fourth density where the motherly and selfless love is more dominant.

Unfortunately, our mental capacity as a fifth density being is applied in our survival mode and made us, human the most vicious animal on this planet.

Ascension is about inner awareness, to remember who we really are.

Expecting that our 3D physical body become immortal is still part of the ‘survival mode’ awareness.


Crossing the Wisdom Barrier

The Kryon channeling on June 29, 2014 above was about The Future of the Planet (Earth) and I personally attracted to what Kryon said starting at minute 14:35 about The Wisdom Barrier and The New Physics that includes The Physics of Consciousness.

Personally, this is the best synchronicity I experienced as I prepare myself to re-present The Ultimate Unification Theory, the scientific breakthrough that unites Science & Spirituality. The thesis was firstly published in 1992 as a conference paper at The Fifth International Conference on Thinking, but apparently not many were ready.

Now seems to be the right time, as so many synchronicity events happened one after the other. It is indeed a very interesting time.

Simply said, The Ultimate Unification Theory proposes to turn our system of reference around and use the ‘speed of light’ instead of any arbitrary point in space. It is as simple as turning the old Geocentric system into Heliocentric system, but it took us more than 1800 years to accept it.

By turning our system of reference, we then realized that the true reality is ‘the reality of light’ beyond time-space confinement (eternal). And instead of speed we are talking about degree of confinement or densities.

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Lady Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson: Cell Purification and Cleansing

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.
Posted by Alice C

Quan YinLady Quan Yin: Cell Purification and Cleansing, channeled by Natalie Glasson, February 6, 2014 at

Dear and beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I step forth with the goddess qualities of grace, humility and love to greet you with tremendous respect and honour for the journey you are partaking upon the Earth. My only wish is to offer to you insights and awakening to fuel your remembrance of the Creator within your being but more importantly in this moment within the cells of your physical body.

The cells of your body are so magnificent at a physical level they are truly the creation of the Creator but they also hold an ability to absorb, maintain and hold vibrations of light, consciousness and energy. Your cells are your treasure chests; you could say they are like bottomless pits with the ability to hold tremendous volumes of information and energy.

What makes your physical body more magnificent is that you do not simply have just one cell but multiple cells; your physical body is comprised of cells with their capacity of holding valuable knowledge and wisdom especially downloading the divine blueprint within your soul and auric field. Your divine blueprint is the perfection of the Creator for your physical body, a template of manifestation which allows your physical body to exist with the magnificence you recognise now.

You can imagine how magical it is to have every cell of your body holding within it the divine blueprint of the Creator for perfect health, wellbeing, vitality and perfection. Each cell is like a universe, holding identical energetic information concerning your divine blueprint, therefore your blueprint is being magnified and energised multiple times to build and create all that you are, projecting the essence, magnificence, magic and beauty of the Creator into the reality of the Earth.

How amazing you are and the vehicle you inhabit is. How beautifully and constantly your physical body is linked and connected to the Creator, always receiving the consciousness, energy and templates of perfection of the Creator.

Your oneness with the Creator is even recognised and evidential within your physical body. There isn’t a part of your being that wasn’t created by the Creator or isn’t supported and linked to the Creator. Can you recognise you are a beautiful expression of the Creator, designed by the Creator to be so and to experience the Creator through many channels of your being but especially your physical body?

Do not disregard your physical body as being non spiritual, disconnected and separate from the Creator, your physical body is as one with the Creator in the same way you perceive your soul to be. There is sacred divinity within your physical body as there is within all aspects of your being.

Your cells are akin to sponges to the light, love and consciousness of the Creator, they are ready to receive, to magnify and project. Living in a sacred ashram constantly focused upon the light of the Creator or within nature with no outside contact or influence your cells would flourish with the light and consciousness of the Creator, creating only perfection because that is all that is available.

I do not say this to bring fear but to bring forth greater awareness. You are aware of the reality you exist within and the creations of others. There may be circumstances, energies, vibrations, consciousness, words and even sounds that do not resonate with you and do not in your view hold the truth of the Creator. With this in mind, I remind you that your cells are akin to sponges, collecting all energies and consciousness to aid and use for the creation and rejuvenation of your being.

Even unheard or unseen vibrations transmitted that you are simply not aware or conscious of can be absorbed by your cells and held alongside your divine blueprint of the Creator, such energies can clog up your cells causing them to function poorly and for the radiance and vitality of your body to decline.

This could be perceived as a battle within your cells but it can cause an experience of separation from the Creator and the body to show signs of suffering, it can be as simple as tiredness or imperfections on the body, (e.g. spots, lines and wrinkles). Again I say this to bring awareness and a deeper intention of love within your cells rather than fear. If you find yourself in this moment thinking in fear let me embrace you in my compassionate love, allow soft pink light to penetrate your entire being to bring forth truth, understanding and action from love rather than fear. Perceive yourself always as love rather than in any form of negative perspective.

I share this information with you so you may understand the magnificence of your physical body and the importance of cell cleansing and purification. You live in a reality where the general consciousness of humanity can still influence your being and be absorbed by your cells; there is no need for you to carry heavy, old energies within your cells any longer. You have the ability to empower and free yourself from influences that do not resonate with the divine self, source and essence, you know, recognise and give yourself permission to be.

Now is the time to empower yourself and accept your divinity with the process of cell cleansing and purification. With your conscious awareness you can achieve anything and everything, bringing yourself into complete alignment, recognition and remembrance of the Creator within you. Free yourself from the burdens of the Earth, igniting and raising the consciousness of your cells so they may work as the Creator intended.

You can achieve cell cleansing and purification in so many ways; your intentions and awareness of this process manifest it with tremendous ease.

When washing your physical body, let yourself focus upon these words;

‘With the strength of my soul I penetrate every cell of my body with the purest vibration of light, love and Creator consciousness. My cells are healed of unneeded energies; magnified is the blueprint of the Creator. I am health, vitality and love.’

You may say it once or as a repetition but imagine your cells being empowered once more.

In quiet time or meditation, you can call upon my energies, Lady Quan Yin, asking me to send a light of purification and cleansing from the Goddess vibrations through your entire being like a wave penetrating all your cells.

You may wish to say; ‘Lady Quan Yin, I open my energies and love to your support, I ask you to send a light of purification and cleansing from the Goddess vibrations through my entire being like a wave penetrating every cell. Let all unneeded consciousness, energies, vibrations and unseen penetrations be permanently dissolved and erased.

May the divine blueprint my cells are programmed to absorb from the Creator be magnified and fuelled within each cell, let the presence of the Creator be evident within my cells emanating into my physical body, entire being and reality with grace, peace, radiance, glowing and vitality. With the presence of the Creator within my cells I acknowledge my cells as love. I experience the power of love and its influence within my physical body constantly. This is now my experience. Thank you.’

Sit imagining the light penetrating every cell, being cleansed and purified, encouraging your entire being to transform in love. You may notice a peace and contentment emerging from your cells and reflecting into your physical body.

The intention of purifying and cleansing your cells can be practiced daily as a process of raising the vibration of your body to commune with your soul and the Creator, creating harmony, unity and love. It can be as important as washing your physical body but can also offer a tremendous sensation of freedom as you tap into the magnificence of the Creator.

With love, compassion, purification and cleansing,
I am Lady Quan Yin