The unauthorized history of mankind.

If my ‘hyper-memory’ serves me right, I came to this planet around 252,000 years ago during the Lemurian era co-seeding the third root-race, the yellow race. During those Lemurian era our planet was a beautiful playground for multidimensional interstellar civilizations. We came here on invitation of the then Galactic Federation / Council to participate in the Great Experiment to create a new galactic super race by mixing four master root races.


The first root-race was the black, as our pioneer due to their superior physical strength and extra ordinary survival ability. The second root race was the red, to add unconditional love to the human stock. From the mix of the first two root races are the browns. Then came the third, the yellow to add ‘intelligence’ to the human stock. And last came the white to add the overriding will and the drive to achieve and rise above adversity.


In those era we are fully in control of our physical body that can last as long as we want averaging around 35,000 years. We had the ability to manifest our physical body whenever and wherever we want. (The remnant of this ability is the teleportation ability of some indigenous people living in remote area like in West Java & Bali, the islands hopper in Ambon and PNG). And when we had enough of 3D experience we could convert our physical body into light and made it disappear. (the remnant of these ability are still quite common amongst Tibetan lamas, the original meaning of MOKSHA) As our current terminology, it is the 5th Density living with 32 strands DNA in our physical body. It is WHO WE REALLY ARE.


A few million years ago, a planet called Tiamat or Maldek that used to revolve between Mars and Jupiter exploded. Some story say it was around 66 million years ago, some say only around 700,000 years ago. I don’t have the number in my own ‘hyper-memory’ so I can’t verify. As result of those explosion, every soul on that planet were ‘tangled’ in a “KNOT OF FEAR” for millions of years and no one could help. Only around 500,000 years ago a mission from the Galactic Federation finally managed to un-tie that ‘KNOT OF FEAR’. Some souls migrated onto Terra as 2nd Density being and some others as 3rd Density being on Mars. (No 3rd Density on Terra yet). I don’t know exactly what happened on Mars, but those Maldek souls apparently managed to destroy their planet  and made Mars inhabitable for 3D experiencing.


Around 70,000 years ago, a group of us known as Yahweh tried to assist those from Maldek, who live as 2D being on Terra as well as those who just lost their planet Mars by creating a 3D body for them by cloning himself. However, due to the trauma from Maldek and Mars they were not able to function in a normal 3D physical body. A genetic modification need to be undertaken so that they can forget the trauma and be able to function as a 3D being. This story is now known as the creation of Adam and Eve and the beginning of Atlantis civilisation.


The creation of 3D human with modified DNA was seen as golden opportunity by a STS (Service To Self) group from Orion to conquer this newly created 3D human, who forget who they are and unaware of their direct connection to The Source. The method used by the Orion Group are very simple. They call themselves Yahweh imitating the original Yahweh Group and play God to exert authority over every one. Secondly they divided us into two, the good and the bad of us (persona & shadow) and managed to make us to hate ourselves. On the other hand as authority they simply tell us what is good and what is bad and managed to make us believe that going to war and killing other human being is good.

From there on, our mind is screwed. We always judge what is good and what is bad, and sadly we always rely on authority figure instead on ourselves. Hence there is a continuous battle for power amongst us to be the ‘authority’.


First we destroy our whole planet Maldek/Tiamat. Then we made Mars inhabitable. Then on Terra we destroy Atlantis three times. The last one was around 10,500 years ago. And every time we started from scratch we reduced our DNA strand (known as karmic alleviation). The Lemurian including the original Yahweh have 32 strand DNA. The first Adam and Eve had 20 strands and after the first destruction of Atlantis it reduced to 12 and now we only have 2 strands. No wonder if we can only use only 3 – 5 % of our brain and 98% of our DNA are junk (de-activated).

In August 1945 we exploded our nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And if this destructive trend is not stopped, we can’t go any lower than 2 strand DNA being. The only solution is to let us remember who we really are. And to facilitate this, we need help from every corner of the Galaxy to raise our vibration frequency towards what we currently call “AWAKENING”


To remember who we really are is to heal our trauma, our fear from so many horrible experiences in our past lives right up to our worst trauma, the explosion of Tiamat/Maldek. It seems as if it is a long long way to go, but with this information the way is made much shorter. We are trapped in a prison, and the prison wall is our own (screwed) mind. As a matter of fact we never lost our connection with The Source, we have only been told so.


The above is MY TRUTH, but not necessarily your TRUTH. We create our own reality, hence each of us have our own ‘time-line’ so to speak. There is no such thing as ‘objective reality’ since all reality is ‘subject dependant’. At this point in space / time our time-line happen to converge together. In our current way of thinking we are ‘forced’ to believe that there is ‘objective reality’ by those who want to exert authority upon us, hence the burning of all defiant evidence and ridiculing everything non-conformance.

Have a Good Day!


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