Reflections of a modern-day Mystic

As the culmination of my journey of remembering WHO WE REALLY ARE, my first book “Reflections of a modern-day Mystic – On the origin of human suffering”  is now published at Amazon.

It is a spiritual journey of multiple lifetimes/incarnations seeking to understand the cosmos and the root cause of human sufferings.

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Tan Po Aran was a simple rice farmer living in a remote area somewhere in South East Asia, probably in West Java amongst the Inner Badui tribe. Faraway from any big city, they all lived harmoniously and happily together and so well aligned with their surrounding nature, the rice field. Nothing felt better than to be in the middle of the rice field surrounded by growing rice that undulates nicely when the wind blows. It reminded him of the antediluvian lifestyle he lived before as a Lemurian.

He died in 1932 at the age of 72. And as he left his body, he was engulfed by blissful loving energy. But suddenly he was overwhelmed by a very sad feeling as he picked up the vibrations of humanity heading for war, – the WW II. The sad feeling accompanied by tremendous compassionate energy was so great that pulled him back to incarnate as Bambang Pramana, – the author.

In his search for the root cause of human suffering, he was guided by one of his past incarnations as a 12th Century Chinese scholar, who was involved in establishing the Chinese civilisation based on virtue and harmony. It started with King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE). About a thousand years later the Tang Dynasty reached The Golden Age, which culminated during the Song Dynasty. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready. The China Golden Age was disrupted by Mongolian invasion, and The Ming Dynasty had to close their doors from the barbaric outside world.

Now the time has come, and the world will soon be ready for harmonious humanity, leaping from The Path of Separation based on power paradigm onto The Path of Unity based on love, wisdom and compassion.

This book is dedicated to those who are here to help create a better world for humanity.

Hongkong’s lost generation: The effect of cultural genocide?

The British did to the Chinese in Hong Kong precisely as the Americans did to the Philippines: they attempted to colonise the souls of the people and failed. The major factor underlying many of Hong Kong’s problems and symptoms today, most especially the social and political elements, was this century-long program of cultural genocide that left in its wake a schizophrenic emotional angst, which the US government is today milking for everything it’s worth.

The British followed the American path, first forcing the change in the national language, then doing their best to force the population of Hong Kong to forget their own past, venerate their colonial status, and learn to worship the British Empire. Few people, and no young people, in Hong Kong today have any knowledge of this part of their history because the British did what the Americans did – they burnt all the history books and re-wrote Hong Kong’s history in an attempt to erase their own sordid past from the consciousness of Hong Kong’s people.

It is heart-breaking to look at Hong Kong today, to see both the cause and the effects, and the existentialist dread that infects that city, the uncertainty, anxiety and fear manifesting itself in American-incited and financed puerile political demonstrations, racism and even hatred of the Mainland Chinese – hatred of their own people, of themselves – the schizophrenic overflow from a century of mostly-failed psychic re-programming. For the sake of cheap political gain, Hong Kong as a whole is being terrorised by the Americans to abandon its own civilisation and national identity and to adopt reprehensibly false American values. The Hongkong’s generation today have neither awareness nor understanding of what is happening to them while they are being pushed to make choices that will, in the end, tear them apart emotionally, all to give the Americans a platform from which they can stab at China from underneath.


The History of Hong Kong, Britain’s Colonial Legacy. Fast Forward to 2019


The History of Hong Kong, Britain’s Colonial Legacy. Fast Forward to 2019

A retrospective of 70 years of Chinese revolutions.

By Marc Vandepitte and Ng Sauw Tjhoi Global Research, October 11, 2019

For the first time in recent history, a poor, underdeveloped country has in no time developed into an economic superpower, with a major impact on world affairs. How has this been made possible? What does this mean for the rest of the world?


via China Will Shake the Whole World: About Farmers and Artificial Intelligence — Counter Information

Pathways to Peace

Speech delivered by Nobel peace Laureate Mairead Maguire at the World Beyond War 4th Annual Conference, Limerick, Ireland, 5 October 2019

Source: Global Research, October 07, 2019

By Mairead Maguire

We need to offer new hope to a humanity suffering under the scourge of militarism and war.  People are tired of armaments and war. People want Peace.  They have seen that militarism does not solve problems, but is a part of the problem.  The Global Climate crisis is added to by the emissions of US military, the greatest polluter in the World.  Militarism also creates uncontrollable forms of tribalism and nationalism.  These are a dangerous and murderous form of identity and about which we need to take steps to transcend, lest we unleash further dreadful violence upon the world.  To do this we need to acknowledge that our common humanity and human dignity is more important than our different traditions.   We need to recognize our life and the lives of others (and Nature) are sacred and we can solve our problems without killing each other. 

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October 1, 1949: China’s Miracle – as seen by the Official China Itself

I believe in the very near future China will lead humanity to an advanced civilization, a marriage of the ancient idea of King Wen of Zhou (1112 – 1050 BC – the Civilizing King) and modern technology, where there is no more poverty on this planet and everyone lives harmoniously with one another as well as with the environment. (Old China Man)

By Jan Oberg Global Research, September 30, 2019 The Transnational 29 September 2019 Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has achieved the dream of the millennium, marched toward national rejuvenation, and led one-fifth of the world’s population to approach the center of the global stage, said the article titled “Striving to create […]

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Venezuela, Ukraine, Hong Kong, … : Color Revolutions and Regime Change, A Modern Scourge Spawning Economic Destabilization and Civil War — Counter Information

Three Case Studies By Carla Stea Global Research, September 02, 2019 Venezuela There are innumerable examples throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, but three of the most notorious demonstrations of Washington, and its European cohorts incubating massive human tragedy and/or civil wars can be exemplified by Washington’s cultivation, indeed creation of toxic opposition movements whose goal […]

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The Hong Kong protesters are violent right-wing provocateurs — © blogfactory

The protests serve the interests both of Hong Kong’s billionaires (who would be in better standing if China’s authority were entirely gone from the island), and of the U.S./NATO empire (which has been using its political advocacy organizations in Hong Kong to undermine China’s authority The Most Revolutionary Act When people praise the anti-Beijing Hong…

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How China studied and implement democracy

Does the Communist Party of China propaganda say that Western-style democracy doesn’t work in any case or that just will never work in China? How does it justify its claim?

by: Robin Daverman, on Quora

The CCP ties Democracy with Scientific Methodology, meaning that real democracy follows scientific approach. This was published in People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Government, in 1986.

The title of the article on the front page is “how to make decisions democratically and scientifically is an important objective of political reform”. The scientific approach means that your theory should be tried in experiments, and if the result repeatably proves your theory, then your theory is accepted as the truth.

So China started, since then (1986), to experiment with democracy in villages and small towns, and to collect data on the outcome. The outcome is not quite impressive. Most of the villages ended up being dominated by one family, or a couple of dominant families changing hands occasionally, while the rest of the villagers were screwed. So people have been running to Beijing and ask the Central Government to “appoint a good party secretary to our village to fix things!” To deal with this, China has been working hard to shore up the local democracy, which evolved, over time, to have a lot of affirmative-action type of protection for minorities, a lot of transparency requirement, a lot more emphasis on “hard”, i.e., numerical, performance targets, a lot more pre- and post-election investigations of politicians, and have the high-level government as the “crutch” when things go wrong.

The system evolved over time. Now the standard is that for the elected leadership team, for each 5-year term, there are “checkpoints” in year 1, year 2, and year 5. Year 1 is officially the “trial period” where if you don’t hit your performance goals, you are gone. Year 2 is “review and adjustment”, where you report on what works, what doesn’t and adjust your 5-year goals accordingly. Then year 5 is the final report and hand-off to the next guy. It’s still a work-in-process. New things are being tried and validated on the local level, the valid solutions are then pushed out nationally. Common sense should tell you that nothing works the first time. One has to continue the iterations and optimization.

Original article on Quora: Does the Communist Party of China propaganda say that Western-style democracy doesn’t work in any case or that just will never work in China? How does it justify its claim?