Reflections of a modern-day Mystic

As the culmination of my journey of remembering WHO WE REALLY ARE, my first book “Reflections of a modern-day Mystic – On the origin of human suffering”  is now published at Amazon.

It is a spiritual journey of multiple lifetimes/incarnations seeking to understand the cosmos and the root cause of human sufferings.

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Back cover text:

Tan Po Aran was a simple rice farmer living in a remote area somewhere in South East Asia, probably in West Java amongst the Inner Badui tribe. Faraway from any big city, they all lived harmoniously and happily together and so well aligned with their surrounding nature, the rice field. Nothing felt better than to be in the middle of the rice field surrounded by growing rice that undulates nicely when the wind blows. It reminded him of the antediluvian lifestyle he lived before as a Lemurian.

He died in 1932 at the age of 72. And as he left his body, he was engulfed by blissful loving energy. But suddenly he was overwhelmed by a very sad feeling as he picked up the vibrations of humanity heading for war, – the WW II. The sad feeling accompanied by tremendous compassionate energy was so great that pulled him back to incarnate as Bambang Pramana, – the author.

In his search for the root cause of human suffering, he was guided by one of his past incarnations as a 12th Century Chinese scholar, who was involved in establishing the Chinese civilisation based on virtue and harmony. It started with King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE). About a thousand years later the Tang Dynasty reached The Golden Age, which culminated during the Song Dynasty. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready. The China Golden Age was disrupted by Mongolian invasion, and The Ming Dynasty had to close their doors from the barbaric outside world.

Now the time has come, and the world will soon be ready for harmonious humanity, leaping from The Path of Separation based on power paradigm onto The Path of Unity based on love, wisdom and compassion.

This book is dedicated to those who are here to help create a better world for humanity.

Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next?

by Jeremy Lent – Patterns of Meaning

The Neoliberal Era was constructed on a myth of the selfish individual as the foundational for values. As Margaret Thatcher famously declared, “There’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families.” This belief in the selfish individual has not just been destructive of community—it’s plain wrong. In fact, from an evolutionary perspective, a defining characteristic of humanity is our set of prosocial impulses—fairness, altruism, and compassion—that cause us to identify with something larger than our own individual needs. The compassionate responses that have arisen in the wake of the pandemic are heartwarming but not surprising—they are the expected, natural human response to others in need.

Once the crucible of coronavirus begins to cool, and a new sociopolitical order emerges, the larger emergency of climate breakdown and ecological collapse will still be looming over us. The Neoliberal Era has set civilization’s course directly toward a precipice. If we are truly to “shift course away from our failing trajectory,” the new era must be defined, at its deepest level, not merely by the political or economic choices being made, but by a revolution in values. It must be an era where the core human values of fairness, mutual aid, and compassion are paramount—extending beyond the local neighbourhood to state and national government, to the global community of humans, and ultimately to the community of all life. If we can change the basis of our global civilization from one that is wealth-affirming to one that is life-affirming, then we have a chance to create a flourishing future for humanity and the living Earth.

To this extent, the Covid-19 disaster represents an opportunity for the human race—one in which each one of us has a meaningful part to play. We are all inside the crucible right now, and the choices we make over the weeks and months to come will, collectively, determine the shape and defining characteristics of the next era. However big we’re thinking about the future effects of this pandemic, we can think bigger. As has been said in other settings, but never more to the point: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”


Source: Patterns of Meaning – Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What’s Next?

The West Is Run by Barbarians By Peter Koenig — The New Dark Age

How much longer are we accepting the tyrannical dictate of the American rulers? It gets worse by the day – and it looks like the western world’s “leaders” (sic – so sic!) are caving in ever more to the American killing machine – the European Union – and all its members heads of state, and all the Zion-Anglosaxons and Japan – no one dares standing up and shouting “NO!” – no more of your hegemonic atrocities! – But they all bend over backwards to please a criminal empire, run like the Barbarians.

via The West Is Run by Barbarians By Peter Koenig — The New Dark Age

Iran’s Hero has Fallen, and Now the World is an Even More Dangerous Place

Marvellous summary of our situation The New Dark Age  – 9 January 2020.

New Eastern Outlook Andre Vltchek:

They say he came from a humble background, and worked himself up the ranks, becoming, as many believe, the second most powerful man in Iran. They say he had the chance to become the next Supreme Leader of the country.

. . . . .

It appears that all boundaries have been crossed. Washington and its NATO allies have lost all restraint, shame and decency. They actually never had much of those, but now they have almost none.

Everything appears to be primitive, as in a badly directed mafia film. If the rulers of the West do not like some country? In that case they simply attack it, starve and destroy it. As brutal as that. No UN Security Council mediations, no arguments, and no pretending that there should be some legal process.

It has been happening to Hong Kong, To Bolivia, Venezuela and West Papua. It has also been happening to Iran, as well as China and Russia, although those countries have proven to be much tougher to eliminate, than Washington’s planners originally thought.

The same applies to individuals: people get murdered without second thought, some quickly, some very slowly and painfully. Julian Assange is one of them, being slowly tortured to death, in front of the entire world, despite legal and medical experts protesting and demanding his release.

The killing of Quassem Suleimani and others in Baghdad, was quick and totally unexpected.

The facial expressions of US officials were absolutely shocking: as if mafia bosses were caught in a corner of some filthy den by a bunch of amateur journalists. Unapologetically, they grinned at the lenses, suggesting: “So what? What are you going to do now? Challenge us? Us? We’ll break your legs, or something…”

And nobody, absolutely nobody really dares to challenge them! Not yet. Not at this moment.

To view original article Iran’s Hero has Fallen, and Now the World is an Even More Dangerous Place – NEO

#TrumpsWar on Iran, protests in 70 Cities across world .. fuck Trump,USA and Capitalism! — © blogfactory

Thousands Protest in more than 70 world Cities against Acts of War on Iran by US and Trump January 4, 2020 text By Common Dreams… 507 more words

Source: #TrumpsWar on Iran, protests in 70 Cities across world .. fuck Trump,USA and Capitalism! — © blogfactory



Satanists want World War III in Iran—again

“There is no crime America will not commit in order to maintain its political, economic, cultural, and military domination of those parts of the world where it predominates.” By Jonas E. Alexis, The Satanists who literally created chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria are now applauding Donald Trump for assassinating Iranian Major General Qassem…

Source: Satanists want World War III in Iran—again — Veterans Today

Why the Western Media and Elite are Demonizing China

Over the past year, colluding with changes in American foreign policy unleashed by Trump, the western mainstream media have pursued a relentless demonization of China. All coverage has focused on presenting the country in abrasively negative, threatening and cynical terms. This is has involved a number of topics: Including alleged human abuses in Xinjiang, protests in Hong Kong, attacks on the telecommunications firm Huawei and the general promotion of any dissenting opinion with the goal of presenting the country in a critical light, without any kind of balance, context or alternative point of view.

[ … ]

There are many more takes, we could go on all day. But the point is, it is this atmosphere which is leading to a proliferation of wholly negative coverage with the designated goal of turning people against Beijing with the goal of justifying confrontation. Narrative matters more than fact.

To be blunt, there are some things to remember:

  1. China is not trying to take over the world
  2. China is not infiltrating your government or other countries
  3. China is not stealing “intellectual property” or “cheating” on trade, it is not responsible for the decline of American industry
  4. The west are more capable of spying on you than China is
  5. China is not wiping out Muslims in its country, even if its methods of integrating them are ethically questionable
  6. Hong Kong is a part of China, and the west is deliberately spurring up trouble there
  7. China is not trapping other countries in debt- this is a myth
  8. Chinese people are not brainwashed, stupid or unaware of their government’s flaws.

For full article: Why the Western Media and Elite are Demonizing China — Sunderland Global Media

Understanding China – a Westerner’s perspective.

By Larry Romanoff – Global Research, November 20, 2019.

We have a saying that after spending one month in China you could write a book; after a year in China, you could write a chapter; in five years you could write a paragraph, and after five years you could write a note on a postcard.

That saying has become almost an urban legend but it is essentially true. I can still recall the day when walking down a street in downtown Shanghai after being in the country for about a month, I experienced an illusion of such extreme clarity that I said to myself, “I could write a book on this place”. I cannot explain the mental or sociological processes that combine to cause that initial illusion of understanding and clarity, nor the forces that so effectively and progressively dismantle it to a condition where the more time we spend in China the less we understand it.

My Chinese friends tell me I have a deep understanding of China, of its people and culture and, while the praise is flattering, it is also largely undeserved. Indeed, after fifteen years in the country, there are days when I am blindsided by something so basic that I am convinced I understand nothing, and I would have to say that if China cannot be understood by Westerners from the inside, it most assuredly cannot be understood by Westerners from the outside who have no useful contact with anything Chinese.

Westerners live in an illusionary black and white world framed for them by the programming from their Zionist media and are mostly incapable of escaping their ideological indoctrination. There is an adage that you cannot understand a painting when you are inside the painting, that you must step out of that painting and look back on it, to see it as it really is. Few Westerners are capable of this because of the propagandised indoctrination taking place from birth. This social indoctrination is true of course for all societies, but the Zionist West, unlike the vast majority of the world’s population, views virtually everything about other nations and peoples through a series of political-religious ideological lenses that cast a rather severe chromatic aberration on anything seen through those lenses.

These ideologies are of capitalism, democracy, colonialism, militarism, White supremacy, Darwinism, Christianity and Zionism, these forces conspiring to twist the truths of China so as to almost eliminate any possibility of real understanding while simultaneously disdaining any real need to do so. The White man, the Zionist West, here including Japan, sees the world as Metropole and periphery, the non-white world populated by inferior beings meant to be exploited by coercion or military force, their resources used to enthrone the West while enslaving the world, all according to God’s plan. To see the truth of this, we need only examine their deeds, history providing ample testimony to this assertion.

The Western media are notorious for their incessant and shrill China-bashing, but it seems true that virtually everyone outside China is reading from the same script. We must have hundreds of publications and websites named China Labor Bulletin, China Economic Review, China Auto News, China anything and everything . . . , that are not in any sense Chinese, but are media sources established by Westerners who are primarily but not exclusively Zionists and who, mostly deliberately, misinterpret and misrepresent the facts and fundamentals of China. We have Western-produced statistics on everything related to China, from GINI coefficients to bank debt, from GDP to National Income and standard of living, from education to health care to longevity and infant mortality, all of which, even when based on numbers initially obtained from official Chinese government sources, are then massaged and misrepresented to prove the opposite of reality. We have hundreds, and perhaps even thousands, of books about China, mostly written by these same people viewing the country through those same ideological lenses and thus mostly being works of historical fiction, many reprehensibly so.

The ingrained notion of superiority, white supremacy in fact, is a major obstacle to understanding even for the well-intentioned. When the Chinese travel to a foreign land and witness a foreign culture, they think “I’m different”. When Americans (and Canadians, Brits, Aussies) encounter a foreign culture, they think “I’m better”. It is also true that the Americans particularly, but the entire white and English-speaking world in total, have no respect for, and see no value in, any other culture, secretly believing that all the world wants to be like them and that claims to cultural protection are merely an excuse to avoid the inevitable, which is to become American clones. It is in this combined and complicated context that sincere individual Westerners attempt to understand China, an exceedingly difficult task in the circumstances.

The Chinese are not handicapped by the horrors of Christianity or party politics, and they mostly do not view outside events through a distorting lens. Westerners are fond of portraying the Chinese as being brainwashed, but in my long experience, the Chinese are the least brainwashed of all peoples while Americans are the poster boys in this regard.

Due to all of the above, when Westerners look at any aspect of China, they may see it clearly, but most often do not understand what they see. Because they view the world through their ideological lenses, they interpret their misunderstanding in terms of what that event would mean if occurring in their country and in their culture. And from this misinterpretation of a misunderstanding, they then make judgments and form conclusions which are invariably wrong and often foolish.

to continue; Understanding China — Global Research