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indonesia batik (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

This time around I choose to incarnate as a Chinese, to be born in Java, Indonesia at the middle of the last century. I also choose a lovely couple as my parents who were both Theosophists and a mixed community to grow up in, amongst Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. But all mixed or assimilated with the underlying traditional ancient Javanese mystical belief known as ‘Kejawen‘.

During my childhood in those community, what Westerners call “supernatural phenomena” are facts of our daily life. We heard stories about ‘Island hoppers’ in Ambon (East Indonesia), who can carry you on his back and hop to another island across the ocean in a blink of an eye, or spiritual gurus living in remote area as modest farmer in West Java (Banten) and Bali who can suddenly appear in front of his pupil in the city to pay a visit and then simply disappeared when he finished. Sai Baba wasn’t the only man who can teleport himself. And to me, nothing is strange about it.

After High School, I went to Germany to study electrical engineering. Here I faced the challenge. My mystical belief was considered ‘rubbish’ or superstitious and no one can accept it in the West.  After nearly ten years living in the West, my scientific mind as a result of western scientific indoctrination clashes with my spiritual/mystical heart. And I was determined to reconcile them by learning and researching everything that I can get hold of. Every science especially modern physics i.e. Einstein’s Relativity Theory and Quantum Physics as well as all religions and belief systems including Theosophy. (How I picked my Theosophists parents?)

In 1988 I was reading and trying to understand The Secret Doctrine written by Helena Blavatsky. One afternoon while watching beautiful Sun-set in Seminyak Beach in Bali, I had a mystical experience which I call my ‘first stage of enlightenment’. At a sudden everything is so clear to me. I got the answers to all my questions. The whole key of the two thick Volumes of the Book “The Secret Doctrine” is written in the first few paragraphs at the beginning.  All the secret is embedded in the four simple symbols etched on ancient palm leaves mentioned in the PROEM. (1. The Circle, 2. The Circle with the Center Point, 3. The Circle with a Diameter, and 4. The Circle with the Cross).

It took me a couple of years trying to write down what I knew from that experience onto paper using western scientific logic and language. Finally, in July 1992, one month before Brian Greene published his “Super-string Theory“, I  presented my paper entitled “The Ultimate Unification Theory” (The unification of Science and Mysticism) at The Fifth International Conference on THINKING at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.

In August 1997 I had another mystical experience that I call “The Awakening to The Voice of ONE” where my consciousness merged into a huge ball of light which was ALL THERE IS. It gives me the proof of my Ultimate Unification Theory but much more than that, it totally changed my life. I am no longer interested in promoting my theory or involving myself in any discussions or debates about anything. That experience gives me the understanding / internally knowing that we are all ONE and each fragment of us have our own path to follow at our own pace.

The following sentence from the Ultimate Unification Theory expresses ‘my’ TRUTH.

“Every “I” is the same “I”, which is the Cosmic “I”

The only difference is the ‘subject pattern’ held as a point of reference to experience other patterns, the objects.

Due to subject-object polarisation, the subject pattern identified itself as I am having the impression of being separated from the rest of the Cosmos, which is its illusion.”

Since that experience, I had many other ‘weird’ experiences small and big, and some of them relate to my other lives (‘wearing other subject patterns’) and the history of this planet. The last one I experienced was when I first came to this planet during the Lemurian era co-seeding the third root-race (the Yellow race). Therefore I’d also like to call myself the Old China Man.

For my Gravatar I picked a picture that looks similar to myself in my last incarnation as a rice farmer wearing a straw hat and barefoot. I passed away consciously at the age of 72 in 1932. And when I was out of my physical body I was overwhelmed by a kind of deep sadness and compassionate feeling because of humans suffering. It was the feeling that brought me back here this time around and it was also the feeling that made me understand the reason why Bodhisatwa Avalokiteswara a.k.a Quan Yin (the Chinese Goddes of Mercy) vowed not to enter Nirvana until every single human being is relieved from their suffering.

However, through all those ‘awakening’ experiences I am just an average human being like any other with no extra ability e.g clairvoyance, channelling or the like. In my physical body, I still work full-time as a Senior Project Manager in an electric utility company in Queensland, Australia. In line with my professional work, I’d like to call myself a “Lightworker” in a literal sense, managing infrastructure projects to facilitate the transformation and distribution of positive energy.

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  1. Commenting on your suggestion that “super natural” was a normal experience for you.

    What “super” natural really means is: very-very-very natural. It is absolutely and utterly natural, everyday, common, ordinary .. it is what we are.

    And so when you see a tree in the forest, you can describe it as “natural”, of course.

    And when psychic and spiritual things happen in our lives, they are also completely and utterly natural. They are real. They are our real, personal, first-hand experiences in the world of life and awareness.

    EVERYONE on this planet at this time, and throughout all time — at the most fundamental levels of our personal and collective existences — we are perceiveing, feeling, pondering and expressing psychic and spiritual experiences.

  2. Have you experience the ” super natural ” such as ” island hooper ” , ” teleportation ” etc by your self ? or it is only an imagination ?

    1. Dear Hadi,
      Thanks for passing by.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to teleport myself, although I do experience a lot of what ‘western science’ consider as ‘super natural’.
      However, as “Soul Connection” said above; “What “super” natural really means is: very-very-very natural. It is absolutely and utterly natural, everyday, common, ordinary .. it is what we are.”

  3. Fascinating! One of my last mystic experiences after 15 years of them every year was observing the human me’s back as it stood unperturbed at the edge of a profound nothingness. All was well.

    From the traditions you quote I wonder if this observer was ‘my’ real identity revealed after casting off its human chrysalis. I don’t know if that’s idle conjecture or more enlightenment.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Keith, Welcome to my blogsite.
      I’ve been following your blog for a while now and waited for an opportunity to share some notes so to speak.
      The main thing that intrigued me is why did you have to experience your MER so many times, every year from when you were 15 till 35?
      Going through your blog site, I’ve got the impression that you are still facing a similar dilemma as I had many years ago, namely how to reconcile our mystical heart and our critical mind. On your blog home page, you wrote: “This is a BLOG for Seekers and those who have had the mystical experience of Reality (MER) and are humbly, joyfully dedicated to it – bringing their remaining personal humanity to terms with it.”
      Since you are already here, you might as well check my other websites; Scientific-Spirituality, The Ultimate Unification Theory and Metascience whose links are on the right-hand side below the list of recent posts.

      Or you might be interested to read a short essay “What is Mysticism and how it is applied in 2019” through this link: https://qr.ae/pGi660

      Back to your question above, it seems to me that you have reached what Zen Buddhists and non-dualists are trying to achieve with their meditation, the pure awareness of the void/emptiness. In The Ultimate Unification Theory, it is symbolized by the second symbol, the Circle with a Centre point – The Source becomes aware of IT-SELF. Yet, you also see your human body, which indicates the question nagging to be answered: “What am I doing here ‘marooned’ in this human body”.

      In the Javanese Mystical Tradition, we believe that we are eternal being inseparable, (be ONE) with The Source/GOD (manunggaling kawula lan gusti) and metaphorically consider our incarnation on this planet as just a short visit for a cup of tea (sangkan paraning dumadi) and we do it many many times through reincarnations.

      When We (Ingsun – the spark of The Source/God) are born, we are dressed with the 7 elements of this planet. Four represents our physical body (Earth/Solid, Water/Liquids, Air/Gaseous, and Fire/Heat/blood) and three represents our non-physical body (our individual mind, our genetic/ancestral/racial mind and the human/planetary mind or our collective unconsciousness).

      Every time we incarnate, we are wearing those 7 elements, and our mission is to refine those elements through our refined thoughts and actions. In time, with many incarnations, we are slowly assisting Gaia (planetary consciousness) to evolve. (ngracut busananing manugsa / weaving the human dress/body).

      Best regards,
      Bambang / Old China Man

      1. So fas as I know, this is the first analysis of my mystic state. Thank you.

        You seem to have discerned the running theme of my experiences of alienation from the human condition, which I did not, but now am compelled to distinguish as fundamental to those experiences. It seems from what you say other cultures have already noted this condition as part of the mystic way. This is a welcome serendipity I shall address with interest.

        In the meantime, may I have your permission to publish a post with our discussion?

        Best wishes,


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