About Scientific Spirituality

My new Scientific Spirituality Website is now online.

Source: About Scientific Spirituality

This website is a new version of the old Scientific Spirituality Website that was created in 1996. It was created based on a conference paper “The Ultimate Unification Theory” (The U.U.T.) presented at The Fifth International Conference on THINKING at James Cook University – Townsville, Australia in July 1992.

In his paper the author has attempted to offer a solution to the decade’s long debate between Albert Einstein with his Relativity Theory and Neils Bohr with his Quantum Mechanics known as The EPR Effect.

The key solution in unifying Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics lies in the application of the Lorentz Transformation Equation known as The Gamma Factor for massless light particle / photons that ‘travel’ at the speed of light “c”.

According to Relativity Theory, time and space are relative. They are so relative as at the speed of light where v = c and Gamma = Infinite, time stops and space shrinks into nothing. As a consequence, ‘speed’ as a dimension of space/time becomes irrelevant.

In this condition, the two complementary particles in the EPR Effect experiment can be anywhere and everywhere in the Universe at the same time. Hence, Neils Bohr interpretation that “The Quantum Reality is Indivisible” is correct.

This “Indivisibility” of the Quantum Reality creates a dilemma in our ‘conditioned way of thinking’ and our perceptions of ‘reality’. As a compromise we created a watered down version called “Quantum Entanglement”. However, on the other hand, this is the scientific proof of the Spiritual Maxim that the whole Cosmos is an Absolute Oneness – The Law of ONE.